carolina belén muñoz

  • Chile (b. 1985 in Santiago)
  • Currently in santiago, Chile.
  • Currently my work is exploring pouring to the immaterial world of painting, abstraction. The other hand I'm interested in painting begin mixing with other media, covering architecture, ruins, the organic and the andean.


My work talk, through conventional means of representation in the history of art, oil painting, crossing articulate certain ideas of the psyche as visions, experiences and reflections belonging to the language of dreams and daytime sensations.

On the one hand, characters extracted from an unconscious portrait are always transferred to rustic landscapes, inspired by the South of Chile, which are transformed into real experimental locations for scenes I am do. Moreover the characters play the role of experience my feelings, which for them will be part of their daily lives.

The theoretical support of my work covers Dada Collage, Picture Baroque and Rococo, Symbolism, The Medieval Arts, The lost tradition of painting and contemporary mechanisms.

In the production stage where I am today, I am open to mixing oil painting with mixed media, abstract from figurative through blur, lines and codes. I also work in experimenting with daily objects, subjecting them to a process of symbolization and transform them into dream objects, changing its function and significance.