Argišt Alaverdyan

  • Armenia (b. 1991)
  • Currently in Czech Republic.


Sum up the main character of your work, your long-term interests and themes.

I work with the theme of human consciousness, virtuality and near future which I try to visualize in abstract language. Overall, I am interested in painting that relates to other media or new technology. In my paintings are for example motifs from digital interfaces, robotics and games.

Describe the context of your work – what are your inspirational sources and theoretical starting points, which artists and tendencies do you consider as referential to your work.

I try to develop an abstract language that is based on current reality and points to the near future. Static is dialectically translated into dynamic and vice versa. From a historical point of view, I follow the modernist tradition.

Try to characterize what makes your work specific, wherein lies its force, what makes it different from the work of artists with similar approaches and themes.

Specific to my work is the compression of complex information flows into simple form. I am interested in painting that relates to other media or new technology. I don't care so much about painting based on painting (for example how it did American modernism).

What is your work process like? Do you deal with preparation and research? How do you search for your themes? How do you choose the media you work in?

I start from specific motifs, which I draw in sketches. In the second phase of the search I work out of my head. After this process I go into realization. In the process of painting, there are spontaneous changes in painting.

What is your vision for the future? How do you want to develop your work and continue your previous projects/realizations? What is your long-term goal/dream?

I want to critically develop and enjoy my work and not to become a slave to the art trade.