Anna Teresa Pfeiffer

  • Poland (b. 1989 in Sandomierz)
  • Currently in Milan, Italy.
  • Born 17/01/1989 in Poland, currently working and living between Warsaw and Milan.


Anna Pfeiffer, born 17/01/1989 in Sandomierz, Poland. Working and living between Warsaw (Poland) and Milan (Italy), using mostly photography and mixing it with other media and manual and digital alteration (cuting, sewing, collages), Pfeiffer is working mostly on the idea of finding or building owns proper place, finding unusual solutions to even smallest problems. Joining dots, copying, cutting, pasting, treating owns life and work as a massive collage piece. Being a citizen of the world and moving from place to place constantly has thaught her how to quickly stand up again after every vital revolution and to build her home everywhere. Of a linguistic background, the artist believes that making art is translating owns personal story into an universal language.