Anna Ročňová

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Trutnov)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.



In my artistic practice in the long run I deal with the relationship between art and nature. It is based on spending time in the woods, meadows and mountains. Currently, I am interested in the border between the city and wildnature. It shows the relationship between artificial and natural and is also a metaphor for social exclusion. Nature is tolerant and allows me to work with negative emotions like destruction and extinction without fear. I create objects and environments from them and I exhibit not only in the gallery but, for example, in the greenhouse of the botanical garden or directly in the forest, I am interested in the change of the context of the place and I can bring a spectacular in to the places where my objects come from.

The materiality is an important feature not only when it comes to the shapes of objects but also of the process of their genesis. The materiality leads me in defining the shapes, colors and composition that are made by experimenting. This process makes them remotely resemble botanical systems.

When making objects, the material is often my initial triggar. I test its limits, I transform it, combine it with other materials and I search for the most direct expression possible. The subject matter often has to do with my interest in natural processes and the tension between the human and the nature. Then I make larger constellations of these objects to create new relations and contents. The works are often fragile or unstable - they break, fade, etc. I reuse them in various different installations to relate to the unstabiltity and constant change of the nature. I often don’t follow an analytical concept before approaching the materiality in my work. I look for a concept while I physically make the objects, or even after finishing them.

I am inspired by the material approaches of the artist Eva Hesse. Another example is the work of Denisa Lehocká, Jiří Kovanda and Thea Djordjadze.