András Zalavári

  • Hungary (b. 1986 in Székesfehérvár)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



I often find myself lingering over an abstract thought (usually connected to mathematics, geometry or ontology) which can only be developed further with artistic practice. The partnership between idea and practice goes hand in hand, one inspiring the other. My motivation lies behind the curiosity if that particular idea would be real, what would it look like? Each of my works implies different tools to be used or combined, let it be classic methods of drawing, photogram, sculpting or modern computer software and programming languages. In my artist praxis, I am exploring the relationships between view, vision, and interpretation. My goal is not to explain human experience or to create an illusion, nor is it to explain human sight, but to treat our eye, vision, brain as another medium, one of many. I like to think of my works, as my attempts to explore and experiment with different aspects of this particular medium.