alicja rogalska

  • Poland (b. 1940 in Warsaw)
  • Currently in London, United Kingdom.
  • My practice is interdisciplinary and encompasses both research and production with a focus on social structures and the political subtext of the everyday. I mostly work in context and often collaborate with others.


Currently my work consists of creating social situations, places, public installations and performances and documenting these, mostly using video. My point of departure is usually a particular site, context or a community and a local issue. However I don’t try to simply tackle the issue or provide solutions – I address it by creating subtle shifts in reality, glimpses of an alternative, prototypes of relations and new scenarios. Being both rooted in a context and speculative, my projects explore the space between what already exists and what is possible. The structure of the situations, installations or performances I create is decided upon and constructed by me, after a period of research, and often in collaboration with other people brought to the project for their particular skill or expertise. However there is a large degree of openness, allowing the participants, the users and/or the performers to shape them and create content through their own responses, behaviours or opinions. These events and ephemeral moments act as catalysts for collective questioning, imagining, reflecting and testing different ways of being together. Apart from the people who experience the projects at the time, they later exist for their secondary, art audience as videos, objects and installations.