Agnieszka Chojnacka

  • Poland (b. 1979 in Łódź)
  • Currently in Łódź, Poland.


I'm interested in the everyday life, ordinary and banal. I am inspired by situations that seems to be boring, by commonly accepted ways of spending free time, culturally encoded paradox ideas and aspirations.

I use very different forms of artistic expression, and often create site-specific works in the context of the exhibition space.

My goal is to attempt to translate some undefined elements of the human existence to the language of art. How to make this special, delicate surgery to avoid any decoration, style and intellectual gibberish? I prefer simple, seemingly naive way, that causes a sense of some how unclear emotion. To achieve this, I mix proportions equally: humor and melancholy or truth and fiction. I believe that the penetration of these extremes has the power to generate a desired vague emotion.