Adrienn Kiss

  • Hungary (b. 1978 in Győr)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Lives and works in Győr, Budapest and Vienna


I am preoccupied with the possibilities integral to the traditional problematics of painting. I use both digital and classical methods.

Traditional techniques let me take part in the intimacy of making, it is important for me feel at home in the world of materials related to the medium. I mostly use oil paint, -pasty or glazed- on paper or canvas. In structures (for installations) I prefer wood to metal.

Digital processes add an altered perception of time, and a wider visual vocabulary to my works. They allow me to test the differences between digital and analog mark making.

In my experiments with abstraction geometric coexists with gestural elements, to earn a deeper understanding of compositional matters, forms and spaciality. 

Although I put painting itself as subject ahead of sociopolitical concerns, my works are in direct relation with issues of ecology, feminist critic and queer theory. Returning symbolic motifs and the effect of color invite the viewer to experience art as a spiritual force, I mean to awake receptiveness and sensibility.

Recently I aim to extend pictorial practices towards the dimensions of space and sound. I work with gifs, short animated videos mixed with the sound I produce myself by the digital rendering of the electric guitar, and at times, my voice. I plan to do live shows as well.

I have an aesthetic concept and expectation of my work. To achieve that, I mean to keep as many options open for expression as possible.