Ádám Dóra

  • Hungary (b. 1993 in Vác)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


My work’s main inspiration is influenced by nature and architecture. The visual impressions I get during that lapse of time are organized  in my sketchbooks.  I use these as a reference when I am painting in the studio my bigger oil canvases.

My main focus are on life’s duality and its fundamental contrasts. My observations become alive and visible through the tools of painting.

In my process the possibility of improvisation and substitution have a key role. The constant destruction and rebuilding of the whole shapes the structure that progressively takes it final form.

During my contemplation I am searching for answers to the questions that are within the domain of painting reflecting to the contemporary visual culture.


Adam Dora started to learn drawing and painting from Ágnes Mészáros, then he get admitted to the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he got his diplome in 2017. His masters at the University were Zsigmond Károlyi and Zoltán Ötvös. He presently lives and works in Budapest.

His work is composed of series painted with oil on canvases. These pictures are often the consequences of each other, they are interlaced. He plays with the repetition and variations of recurrent similar elements. The apparition of these motifs in new contexts creates a rich visual language that has many interpretations.

The sketchbooks and the works on paper are the big canvases first signs. They contain the visual thinking, the notes, the planning and sometimes the cleaning up, the finalization. These little pieces of paper are like a visual diary in which we can follow the organized thoughts of the painter.

During his contemplation he is searching for answers to the questions that are within the domain of painting while reflecting our present visual culture.



  • Rücskös gumitalpak és color-field gesztusok
    Etentuk Inemesit / Artkartell Magazin

  • Absztakció és Figuralitás határán - Beszélgetés Dóra Ádámmal / Jankó Judit, Új Müvészet Print, 2022_06

  • Túlpuhított találkozások a patchworkszerű utcával
     / Patrick Tayler, Új Művészet Online

  • 'Hownow' project interview 
    / Laura Farkas, Önzine - Online Art Magazine

  • Monthly Splash of Art / July - August , Simor & Krivocenko Art Management, Budapest, HU

  • Explorers 3.0 / Bence Vági, Hamu és Gyémánt
  • Absztakció és ábrázolás határainak feszegetése - Interview with Ádám Dóra / Farkas Laura, Papageno, 2020.
  • SETUP / Lili Farkas-Zentai,  HYPEANDHYPER , 2019.
  • Smashing the planned and the random - Interview with Ádám Dóra / Bertalan Eged, ArtConscious, 2019.
  • A véletlen és a megtervezett ütköztetése  - Interjú Dóra Ádámmal / Eged Bertalan - Rebellive, 2019.
  • All You Can Eat / Clear Fracture Group Exhibition / Balkon 2018_8
  • Dóra Ádám első önálló kiállítása: Képnapló / B. Zetas Péter, ContectUs, 2018.
  • Egy hely atmoszférája – Merényi Dávid és Dóra Ádám kiállítása / B. Zetas Péter, ContectUs, 2016.