Krisztina Erdei

  • Hungary (b. 1978 in Szeged)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Photographer presently working on her doctoral studies at Moholy-Nagy Univetsity of Art and Design. Krisztina Erdei graduated from the School of Philosophy and the School of Political Studies.


  • 2016
  • Video Projection, Video Installation
  • 3 min, 38 sec

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  • Dscf0888 680x510
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    Commonplace | 2016

While we are exposed to an ever growing amount of visual information, the majority of people would still prefer math classes to drawing lessons. Even today 30-50-year-old methods are being used when teaching the interpretation of pictures in primary schools. The exhibition offers a new alternative, a potential teaching aid and warns us of the importance of emphases in visual informa- tion. The pictures are expressive in their own right, but they can be interpreted completely differently when, displayed as a sequence of frames, they turn into stories. The moments presented in the series are very close to each other, one second or a small change of the point of view can completely change the meaning of the photographed situation. At the exhibition the works are present- ed as examples of visual education to help students analyse visual information.