Krisztina Erdei

  • Hungary (b. 1978 in Szeged)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Photographer presently working on her doctoral studies at Moholy-Nagy Univetsity of Art and Design. Krisztina Erdei graduated from the School of Philosophy and the School of Political Studies.
Exhibition interior, Ludwig Museum

Exhibition interior, Ludwig Museum

  • 2018

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    Playing imaginary rules | 2018

Grundsuli, Ferenc Molnár Primary School, class 3/B with Zsófia Szemző Grundsuli is an 8th district urabn school with very high student numbers in each class. We invited teachers and students to invent a new branch of sport, developing its rules, framework, movements, uniform and history in teamwork. We collaborates once a week for two months during gym and crafts classes.