Gabor Kerekes

  • Hungary (b. 1975 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budpest, Hungary.
  • Kerekes has great interest in the symptoms of global society. working with recycling techniques he basicly points on eco problematics. beside the collages he also exhibits photos and creates community space installations.

video_in progress

  • 2014
  • recycled, site-specific collage, 200 x 120 cm

  • an ephemer art work, Morpheus was installed on the wall, after the exhibition closed, he disappeared, like our dreams
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    Morpheus | 2014

the greek god of the dreams takes on a human shape and help us to get to the land of our fantasy - or into the real world. the whole structure as the collage was built remainds us the way we create out dreams: from many different cut-out parts the artpiece is part of the ephemer works of Kerekes: after the exhibitons it fades away.... just like the dreams