Sári Ember

  • Brazil (b. 1985 in São paulo)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


  • 2018

  • Face of stone I., 2018, marble, iron 130x90x60 cm / Face of stone I., 2018, marble, iron 130x90x60 cm / Crying mask, 2018, marble, iron 165x30x40 cm / Four blue heads, 2018, marble, iron 160x83x60 cm

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    Since our stories all sound alike | 2018

Galleria Campari, Milano, 2018, solo show curator: Ilaria Bonacossa The series of works produced on the occasion of the exhibition is rooted in her recent interest in the classic genre of portraiture, leading her to push the confines of the shape of the face to its most abstract limits. Using materials with a strong symbolic value such as ceramics, stone and marble, Ember reduces her faces to abstract shapes which, in terms of features and forms, evoke faces, busts and masks, creating a magical aura of memories, traditions, rituals, lost identities and multiple stories.