Steven Anthony McGovern

  • Ireland (b. 1981 in Kilkenny)
  • Currently in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Visual artist working predominantly in paint, currently based in La Cathedral Studios, Dublin. Graduated in 2013 from GMIT, Centre of Creative Arts and Media, in Galway, Ireland.


  • 2014
  • Oil, Mixed Media on Wood
  • 45 x 60 cm
  • 'Abyssal Plain'   - thumbnail 'Anabatic Winds'  - thumbnail AWIPS(Advncd Wthr Intrctv Prcssng Systm) - thumbnail Altostratus - thumbnail Altocumulus - thumbnail 'Absolute instability'  - thumbnail

    4 / 6

    A series | 2014

Invisible natural forces, atmospheric mass, natural order and chaos all feature in my work, suggesting a lost relationship or forgotten knowledge only revealed through erosion or decay. The ability and genius of living in multiple, contradictory worlds at once is exclusive to the human condition and my aim is to find a balance within these multiple layers of conflicting information. I use both traditional and synthetic media usually applied to gesso primed boards and canvases, though also realised through other media and through the application and selective removal of these material layers my intention is to rediscover something arcane or forgotten. Through these processes the resolution lies in producing paintings that exist somewhere between the material and imagined world.