Gabor Kerekes

  • Hungary (b. 1975 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budpest, Hungary.
  • Kerekes has great interest in the symptoms of global society. working with recycling techniques he basicly points on eco problematics. beside the collages he also exhibits photos and creates community space installations.


  • 2018

  • Emporia - art photography by Gabor Erdei

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    Floating Cities | 2018

The tower as a harbour is part of an imagined future, where the fossil energy is not used anymore, but instead primer elements: fire, water and air are the prevailing materials. The continents have changed, most of the people will live in the air, in floating cities and travel with airships among enormous towers and ports. In this topic Yves Klein is a very important fund and inspiration for me who returned to the use of fundamental elements like fire and water and air. Due to his ideas cities in the future will covered by a incorporeal air-roof, which is responsible for the contiguous air-circulation and protect against sun and rain. Roofs and furnitures will be produced by the help of the air-pressure walls. In the light of the data reviewed in the introduction and with development of the science it is not impossible that disposal like these will solve the everyday life problems of the humanity. In Klein’s visions primer elements appear and to this I also add the principle of recycling supplementing the power of nature. Creating my floating balloon cities I always overthink the whole mechanism and structure, what type of element operates it and how they make it floating (e.g. fire-hot air, water-steam, gas, magnet-nitrogen).