Radosti!!! // Joy!!!

Radosti!!! // Joy!!!

  • 2017
  • 20 min

  • Documentation of a performative reading lecture as a contribution to the conference. (english subtitles coming soon)

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    Ester Krumbachova project | 2017

Ester Krumbachová project was initiated by Are organization - Edit Jeřábková, Zuzana Blochvá a Anja Kirchner. Ester Krumbachova was a key figure of Czech filmmaking movement of 60s called New Wave. The project has started with archiving E. Krumbachová personal belongings, followed by an exhibition Yetti - Wear the Amulet - Tangle up the Archive (13. 12. 2017 - 21.2.2018 at gallery Tranzitdisplay) and by a conference Ester Krumbachová: Hidden Forms of Directing (14.12.2017 same place). During the archivation process a screenplay for Daisies II was found. The screenplay had been written by Ester Krumbachová and Věra Chytilová but was never realised. This unfinished screenplay have become a basis for video I Went Out to Look for a Daisies and I Found This as well as for performative reading titled Joy!!!, at the conference. Made in co-directing by Viktorie Vášová.