Jakub Gavalier

  • Slovakia (b. 1992 in Bratislava)
  • Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Intrested in simulated reality, fractal geometry, transhumanism, trans/in-formations, virtual reality, AI, vjing... Use media across the entire spectrum of sensory. Intermedia as a combination of philosophy´╗┐, science and art.


Spectrolith 1: 4: 9 (LIMITS OF BODY & LIMITS OF MIND)

Spectrolith 1: 4: 9 (LIMITS OF BODY & LIMITS OF MIND)

  • 2018
  • Visible spectrum determining the limits of the perception of all electromagnetic spectrum. Arthur C. Clarke Space Odyssey Monolith as an extraterrestrial machine influencing human race development. In the solar system there are thousands of monoliths.

  • A monolith that allows space travel faster than light itself. Monolith (Spectrolith), which gives people the ability to perceive invisible. Showing the limits of human ability to see (receive and differentiate forms of electromagnetic spectrum)

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