Sári Ember

  • Brazil (b. 1985 in São paulo)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


garden installation

garden installation

  • 2018

  • / Vaze 4. (pink and blue head), 2017, glazed ceramics, 19x15x13 cm / Decoration 1. (black and white head), 2017, glazed ceramics, 37x11x11 cm / Bust I., 2017, marble, iron, 50x60x170 cm / Vaze 12. (two pink masks), 2017, glazed ceramics, 25x15x10,5 cm

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    Longlife | 2017 - 2018

Sári Ember’s latest works are close follow-ups on her previous exhibitions, meanwhile from a different, fictive point of view she rediscovers her outlook on the topics of family heritage, procession of the course of the past and people’s relation to objects. During the exhibition the space of Ani Molnár Gallery becomes an imaginary family’s unusual living room. The space evokes other associations as well: with its golden curtain which is not covering anything, it resembles a theater with props, but it also looks like a museum and its storage space with the cabinet like shelves. Sári Ember also reflects critically on these spaces and examines how they create different contexts to their objects, which can be admiration, presentation and usage at the same time. On the opening day of the exhibition, the elements of the eshibition will leave the bounds of the closed space and come out in the gallery’s garden too. The house’s garden which is covered with ivy, transforms into a strange sculpture park, where the busts and vases are assisting to an invisible scenario.