Lili Agg

  • Hungary (b. 1991 in Zalaegerszeg)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



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    Ectopy in the Zone | 2017

"The zone is a fictional space where entry stems from the desire that we should get rid of our existential anxiety, let us be put off the melancholy of reality and the futility of life. The opportunity to discover the zone generates such a strong stimulus, for which we want to return to it constantly, despite the catharsis being missed. We want to get some kind of transcendental experience in the zone. Is there such place? Can we create such space? The exhibition attempts to create the zone and at the same time models the process of failing the experiment. The virtual realities all try to provide an alternative for the zone: they try to be a cure for the realisation of not achieving the “perfect” state. These virtual realities slowly start to melt, infiltrating into everyday life, as anxiety and fear feeds on more and more indefinable sources: the individual becomes more lonely and isolated. The state when his ideas are given a shape may be the zone for the artist, a moment when he finds himself in a border situation which cannot be explained. The reason for this, that after the intimacy of the creative process the completed object becomes a subject, and furthermore becomes strange. The artist falls out of the zone, losing again the desired space which he wanted to create." Zsófia Kókai the curator of 59°23’02.9"N 24°46’46.6"E exhibition in Labor, Budapest