Fastrová Pošová

  • Czech Republic (b. 1985 in Prague)
  • Currently in PRAGUE, Czech Republic.
  • Barbora Fastrová and Johana Pošová have worked together since 2014. Their work isn't specified by any media, but they repeatedly work with “cheap” materials. Strong visuality of each material refers to their interest in nature and the environment.


  • 2017

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    Ripple effect | 2017

The exhibition Ripple Effect is a temporary constellation that disseminates the currencies of the local art scene, with a wider spectrum of the international discourse. It puts forward a universal quest into a diegetic process of looking through and from within, drawing in a dialogic and correlative study of artistic production today, resourcing its domain from young Czech artists who have submitted proposals for this year’s Jindřich Chalupecký Award.