Eszter Kinga Deli

  • Hungary (b. 1977 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Brussels, Belgium.
  • In her works, Eszter Kinga DELI focuses on vulnerability as a necessary state for openness. She is creating images which hold the tension of a possible metamorphosis.

Mme Récamier Project - Lili 2

  • 2006
  • 1 min, 24 sec
  • Mme Récamier Project - 2013 Remix - thumbnail Mme Récamier Project - Mme R  - thumbnail Mme Récamier Project - Lili 2 - thumbnail Mme Récamier Project - Lili 1 - thumbnail Mme Récamier Project - Emő - thumbnail Mme Récamier Project - Off the Sofa - thumbnail

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    Mme Récamier Project | 2006 - 2013

I made the paraphrase of Jacque-Louis David's famous painting after I had the opportunity to work with young women living in a housing for single mothers, located nearby Budapest. For over a year I spent two days a week with them, helping to deal with their everyday life. As a part of this I took photos of them regularly. They participated in the picture making process not only as a more or less passive model, but also helped to create the "story" of the picture. One day one of them was wearing a long dress similar to the one in David's picture. As I mentioned it to them, along with the description of the painting, they found the comparison so funny that we decided to reconstruct the scene of Mme Recamier. This event's atmosphere gave the initial idea of creating the animations based on the photo series I took of them.