Andi Schmied

  • Hungary (b. 1986 in Budapest)
  • Currently in London, United Kingdom.


Noguchi Town, installation view

Noguchi Town, installation view

  • 2016
  • eye-level, 15 square meters table installation with 2 channel video

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    Noguchi Town | 2016

NOGUCHI TOWN is a fictional city based on real architectural elements and unexplainable human behavior of contemporary Japanese urban environments. The small models on a playfully shaped table represent stairs leading nowhere, doors that cannot be opened, small concrete buildings which once stopped somebody doing something, walled-up faucets, handrails running into the wall – the assemblage of seemingly dysfunctioning elements questions the very notion of functional operation and challenges our perception of contemporary cities. The name of the town refers to sculptor, designer and architect Isamu Noguchi, and to the exuberant frame of mind with which he created urban plazas that combined European modernism and Japanese design culture.