Dobokay Máté

  • Hungary (b. 1988 in Pécs)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
  • I am interested in conceptual art and experimental photography, particularly through manipulating the medium and neglecting the apparatus.


Field of Colors

Field of Colors

  • 2017
  • 33 pieces of instant films in different colors (luminogram) and color filters

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    Field of Colors / Compositions | 2017 - 2019

Field of Colors This piece is the first composition of my work in connection with color field painting which I define as a result of my former monochrome photographic practice. I model the images’ birth by showing not only the instant material but the filters I used to make the color prints, too. These “color fields” come to life in an isolated environment that is inferior to instant film. The pictures don’t have a grip on reality, they don’t represent; they don’t promptly fulfill the duty of images in the first place. Each colored filter can be linked to one color film, thus being derivative their history. This transformation is in the eye of my interest: how the functions of object and image trade places. Compositions These images are the results of experiments that have supported my later series. They were not created to become a work of art, only the manifestations of a moment of thought. The process of freezing processes, the question of non-representative photography; so it became clear how to retrieve images that are self-sustaining in what they are doing.