Mark Fridvalszki

  • Hungary (b. 1981 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


"Diorama für das Material"

"Diorama für das Material"

  • 2017

  • (mixed media installation, ~200x200x50cm) * "Ever Green" (baked clay, enamel paint, ~15x15x15cm / fern) 2017 * "Karbonstudien"(digital graphic, acrylic transfer, gypsum, ~25x38x3cm / foam board / series I-IV) 2017
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    "Diorama für das Material" | 2017

The manifestation of materials possible social utopias and dystopias are becoming visual. In its aesthetics, the diorama is rooted in the spirit of the Arte Povera movement of the late '60s, since it also operates with a 'sensible-concrete' critic against the exaggerated industrialization, overproduction, digitization, technology and their aesthetic regimes. * "Complexity and mess, a symbolic cosmos and a fragmentary 'postindustrial' object at the same time. [...] in other words, it provides the experience of a peculiar 'metaphoric unit' which leaves an impression of sensual conglomeration, of ruin based on the subjective and imaginary perception of unity [...]" (Lóránd Hegyi: New Sensibility, 1983)