Richard Loskot

  • Czech Republic (b. 1984 in Most)
  • Currently in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.
  • Richard Loskot creates in his installations a sort of modern technological still lives and subtile spatial compositions through which he continuously informs the viewers about his long-term research into „invisible“ and „what exceeds us“.


The system

The system

  • 2007
  • radio, fan, motors, buttons, speakers, monitors, wires, water, fog, lamp, other media

  • Small electric elements are interconnected. The system is open, nothing is hidden.The result is a structure with many random symptoms: movements, sounds, lights, images. Life is everything.

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  • E2
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    The open systems | 2007 - 2013

In systems theory, a system is open if it interacts with the environment, in other words if the input or the effects of the processes that occur within it are conditioned by the action of the outside environment. Basically, an open system does not act in isolation, apart from interactions with external variables, but instead it is subject to the continual effects of the context, to the constant exchange with everything that surrounds it. The input/output dynamics are, then, characterized by a greater complexity because the external variability is such as to influence the system itself. This is the condition we see in many installations by Richard Loskot which frequently result from an analysis of the interactions between the environment, natural light, radio waves, and electronic devices in general.