Bretislav Maly

  • Czech Republic (b. 1985 in Hradec kralove)
  • Currently in Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Education : 2011 Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava MgA. Klaudie Kosziby (traineeship) 2007 Academy in Poznan prof. zw. Wlodzimierz Dudkowiaka (traineeship) 2006 - 2012 Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, Fisherman 125/13/15, by doc. Vesely and doc. Lahoda
Mere space of green color

Mere space of green color

  • 2016
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 200 x 500 cm

  • The situation is an open question about the relationship of painting and its principles to space, light and shadow. The property is looking for structural relations image but its illusive nature.
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    Between picture and painting | 2016

This object was created at a symposium in Mikulov, in which I took part. It was my response to an intergenerational debate about what is sculpture and what is painting. It seemed important to comment on this absurd discussion, and I wanted to create a piece of art capturing the essence of both genres. This hanging object is a classical painting responding by its form to the play of light and shadow like a sculpture, while not being one or the other: it is a soft object levitating optically. It is an object about the dialogue between painting and sculpture. I installed it in a cloister connecting the studios of the symposium, which has the potential of being a point of both meeting or conflict.