Antti Unski Immonen

  • Finland (b. 1981 in Varkaus)
  • Currently in Helsinki, Finland.
  • As an artist, I think of myself as an explorer. I reflect on different ways of constructing an artwork, striving to understand how the final work is formed. My artistic production consists of photographs, intallations and paintings.
Nothing happens

Nothing happens

  • 2016
  • Digital Photograph on Paper
  • Pigment print on paper
  • 90 x 75 cm
  • Nothing happens - thumbnail Arctic passion ( self-portrait ) - thumbnail People disappear, images remain - thumbnail Unambiguous things - thumbnail The cover up - thumbnail Undress - thumbnail Long, quiet days - thumbnail

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    People disappear, images remain | 2016

The central figure of my artworks is clearly an outsider, that has been made into an eye-target. In an unfamiliar evironment, he seems to be incapable of getting a grip of a new moment. There becomes a contradiction between aesthetics an the despair and hopelessness of the picture. The character is an external observer, who asks difficult questions, that he himself cannot answer, questions that he perhaps doesn't even expect to be answered.