Walter Blaine Early




  • 2014
  • painted steel
  • 15 x 42 x 12 inches
  • sparsity 4010 - thumbnail Day Star - thumbnail Lord Murphy - thumbnail Vagrant - thumbnail sparsity 41100 - thumbnail Spokane - thumbnail Aristides - thumbnail sparsity 22200 - thumbnail

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    sparsities | 2012 - 2015

The sparsities began as planar, volumetric constructions made in steel. I displace them from their original context by crudely cutting into them with a torch to leave behind the jagged edges as evidence of the intervention. I remove most of the visual information and distill the forms down to the moments in which the original artist made decisions concerning the sculpture’s limits: the welded contours. The pieces are then coated in a protective layer (either powder coated or painted) to arrest further decay. These fabricated relics are then situated on found and whitewashed furniture, giving the work a new domesticated and precious status.