Jorge Mansilla

  • Mexico (b. 1979 in Toluca)
  • Currently in Sydney, Australia.
  • In my life 2 humans have proposed me matrimony and 2 humans have died before my eyes. I am grateful for both.


  • 2015
  • Teenager - thumbnail Shopper - thumbnail Emperor - thumbnail Idol - thumbnail Domestic Slavery - thumbnail Sex - thumbnail Mickey Mouse is Dead - thumbnail Drowning - thumbnail Dessert - thumbnail Can I buy you a drink? - thumbnail

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    Wake Up and Smell the Plastic | 2015

My most recent work is a series called "Wake up and smell the plastic": 10 sculptures made from recycled plastic that represent people's emotional baggage and psychological garbage, manifested in the products they consume. The figures embody key themes of the relations of power, the idolization of the new, the overload of media in a society seemingly so out of touch with the natural world, with any higher principles or cosmic meaning. Lost in an ocean of the new and the now. A world drowning in disposable emptiness. The objects have to be made of discarded plastic to confront this looming and ignored issue. This plastic is then manifest as shaped human-like figures transforming to monsters, materialising their own created clutter. Another key theme is the homogenisation and convergence of world trends through this globally manufactured output, parallel to our emerging status as complex yet homogenising internet mutants, all this against a backdrop of potential socio-economic collapse. A grim premise for works that ultimately try to rekindle the playful and imaginative from amongst this evolving mess.