Gabriel Centurion

  • Brazil (b. 1978 in São paulo)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


Arnolfini Couple

Arnolfini Couple

  • 2013
  • Acrylic on Canvas, Wood
  • Acrylic, spray and felt pen on canvas
  • 110 x 140 cm
  • Arnolfini Couple - thumbnail The purpose defines us - thumbnail Everyone has a plan until he gets punched in the face - thumbnail I fell my belongings were substitute by identical copies - thumbnail Our sandglass is running and we don’t know how many grains are still left - thumbnail How will you reach me if I go by rocket? - thumbnail Sunny sunday - thumbnail

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    Kitsch Cave | 2013 - 2014

The first thing to clarify, putting it in simple terms, as a text about art should be, is the word Kitsch. The word is widely used today to define everything that is in questionable taste. However, the Kitsch Cave, is not about questionable taste. Whereas Centurion quotes this “kitsch art” in the way he paints and in the topics he addresses in his figurative paintings. But I doubt if what he proposes would, in fact, fit in the Kitsch category. What one sees in his paintings is humor, oddness in the portrayed situations, and the intensive use of colors in his paintings. It is an exploration of his universe in his paintings and in the way he presents them, sincere and over-the-top.