Janek Rous

  • Czech Republic (b. 1981 in Prague)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.
Sound From The Desert

Sound From The Desert

  • 2015
  • Video Installation
  • 25 min, 14 sec

  • Zzp white
  • Janek rous 16
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    Sound From The Desert | 2015

... Yeah, I could still tell you how I lost my arm. It really took dreadfully long to realize that my arm was gone. For a terribly long time I could still feel my arm as if it was there, it was painful, I felt cramps… Whenever I wanted to catch something or lift something I always wanted to do it with my lost arm, even though I hadn´t used it much before. I kept telling myself – this is not possible, I haven´t got my arm, so how can my fingers be so painful or stiff in winter for instance? Well, just try to imagine what it´s like. Something is annoying you terribly and you can´t do a thing about it. And you know why? Because it doesn´t exist! Fata Morgana! In fact you feel an urgent need to do something about something that doesn´t exist. Fatamorganic pains, fatamorganic problems. You think you know what it´s about, you have a familiar feeling and therefore you feel that you have an inevitable influence which is not true because you only strengthen your fictitious position towards a fictitious enemy. This distracts you from really serious problems to which you should pay attention. ...