Elissar Kanso

  • Lebanon (b. 1982 in Beirut)
  • Currently in Bordeaux, France.
  • I paint to make sure not to die while being alive ! My act of making Art is a metaphoric one.
Mutation 6

Mutation 6

  • 2015
  • Offset Print on Artistic Canvas
  • 50 x 60 cm
  • Mutation d'Elle 1 - thumbnail Mutation d'Elle 2 - thumbnail Mutation 1 - thumbnail Mutation 2 - thumbnail Mutation 3 - thumbnail Mutation 4 - thumbnail Mutation 5 - thumbnail Mutation 6 - thumbnail Still a-life ( Nature morte) - thumbnail

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    Casting | 2015

My art project is called Casting. It consists of an implementation of a Fake cover magazine promoting recruitment of Sexual jihadist. The idea of this project arises from a critical and satirical reflection on the emergence of the Islamist movement in Middle East named DAECH or ISIS (Islamic State in Irak and Syria). These works are fundamentally based on the concept of feminism broadcasted by the terrorist group "ISIS". According to that group, the woman exists initially as a myth (divine law). It represents (Houriyat Aljanna) Sirens of paradise, the ultimate reward after jihadist’s death. Secondly, the woman according to Al Sharia (land law) is used as a tool for sexual slavery, ensuring jihadist’s pleasure, as a sacred case. My artwork questions once again, in 21 century, the concept of feminism, reemerging as an extreme, twisted use of women’s body. It questions also the power of images in promoting profoundly a sensitive case, pedagogy by horror, in which somehow, we are complicit.