Slav Nedev

  • Bulgaria (b. 1967 in Sofia)
  • Currently in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • The most essential thing about a visual work of art is actually... invisible. A freelance visual artist working in the field of painting, installation, drawing, digital art, public art... sometimes curating as well.
Zoom in: Sofia 2

Zoom in: Sofia 2

  • 2012
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 180 x 150 cm
  • Zoom in: Sofia 2 - thumbnail Zoom in: Sofia 1 - thumbnail Zoom in: Schwandorf 4 - thumbnail Zoom in: Schwandorf 3 - thumbnail Zoom in: Schwandorf 2 - thumbnail

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    Topographies (2011 - ongoing) | 2012

The Topographies is a series of works based on topographical maps or aerial shots of certain areas. I make them since 2011 every time I visit a new place, thus documenting my trips and the concrete topographic situation. The description of the place we are at is an act of defining of our position in space, i.e. in the world - a vital necessity for every living being. However, the Topographies are about the relationship between man and their environment as well. They explore how people have adapted their life, activity, homes and community to a terrain that results from thousands of formation years. The terrain offers us place for our life and we people should be aware of the way we interact with it.