Sandra Szyra

  • Poland (b. 1990 in Wodzisław Śląski)
  • Currently in Rydułtowy, Poland.
  • I was born in 1990, live and work in Rydułtowy, Poland. In 2014 I graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice with Master of Arts degree, specialization in Painting.
The Window

The Window

  • 2013
  • Pencil on Paper
  • 100 x 140 cm

  • A window on one of the abandoned buildings, nearby the coal mine in Rydułtowy, Poland. Among the finalists of The Student's Drawing Triennial in Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland.
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    Coalmine's Garments (Drawings) | 2013 - 2014

pencil drawings on paper 2013-14 Finalized in the Studio of Drawing of Maciej Linttner and Aleksander Kozera as an additiolal diploma. Each work is an extreme detailed study of a selected element on the territory of the coal mine in Rydułtowy.