Penelope Vlassopoulou

  • Greece (b. 1977 in Athens)
  • Currently in Athens, Greece.
  • Multidisciplinary artist exploring the poetic potential of urban elements and the city as a link to common human experience.
Metamorphosis/USA, Haymarket Square, documentation sample

Metamorphosis/USA, Haymarket Square, documentation sample

  • 2014
  • Wax crayon on Hanshi paper
  • 33 x 24 cm

  • Trace of a manhole cover across where the bomb that triggered the 1886 Haymarket events was thrown. Collected during the public space documentation/intervention "Haymarket Square" that took place in Chicago, USA.
  • Trace disrupted by Chicago Board of Trade Security, Chicago Canyon public space documentation/intervention, Metamorphosis/USA - thumbnail Metamorphosis/USA, Chicago Canyon, public documentation/intervention - thumbnail Metamorphosis/USA, Chicago Canyon, documentation sample - thumbnail Metamorphosis/USA, Haymarket Square, public space documentation/intervention - thumbnail Metamorphosis/USA, Haymarket Square, documentation sample - thumbnail Metamorphosis/USA, 22/07/2014, Road America blueprint drawing III - thumbnail Metamorphosis/USA, Calendar of traces, 11/07/2014,  Electrical outbox, Michigan Avenue, Chicago - thumbnail

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    Metamorphosis/USA | 2014

Work created during a three month journey in the United States, July-October 2014. The practices of public intervention/performance and documentation became the focus of the creative process.