Willem van Veldhuizen

  • Netherlands (b. 1954 in Rotterdam)
  • Currently in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • "It is the silence that connect the things"


Museum interior Pompidou

Museum interior Pompidou

  • 1981
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 130 x 160 cm
  • Private collection
  • NY Icons - thumbnail The New Museum, NYC - thumbnail Three red chairs, London - thumbnail Rio Curves II - thumbnail Lentos - thumbnail Rio Curves - thumbnail Museum interior with statue - thumbnail Red dresses at Antoine Bourdelle Museum - thumbnail Museum interior Pompidou - thumbnail Second day one - thumbnail Museum interior Kroller Muller - thumbnail Loa Angeles II - thumbnail Uffici - thumbnail

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    Select Works | 1981 - 2016

Museum interiors Museum interiors are often the subject in the art of Willem van Veldhuizen (Rotterdam, 1954). He has visited museums all over the world for their interiors. Museums in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and his hometown of Rotterdam have been set down on canvas. His meticulous style and method results in just four or five works leaving his studio each year. Realism and abstraction in a single composition The work of Van Veldhuizen is characterised by the reproduction of an almost unreal empty space, often a museum interior, of which a large part is the floor with a view to the exterior. The reality existing beyond the window is reflected on the gleaming floor. Van Veldhuizen often places elements in the space, such as sculptures or furniture. The interior, the objects and the outside space form a coherent composition that is painted very realistically technically, yet results in a surrealistic picture. Most of his works are unpopulated; the spatial feeling is realised through light, reflection and shadow.