Gosia Poraj

  • Poland (b. 1982 in Zabrze)
  • Currently in LONDON, United Kingdom.
  • I am influenced by nature and my memories of places. Minimalist expressions. Ink paintings on paper.


  • 2014
  • Gouache, Inks
  • 30 x 40 cm

  • The elements found in nature are presented in a very simplified forms scattered between different perspectives, shown from different angles, constantly searching the harmony with emptiness of the paper.
  • Creek - thumbnail Mainspring - thumbnail On the wind - thumbnail Grove - thumbnail Little pond - thumbnail Grass - thumbnail Dunes - thumbnail Frozen - thumbnail Horizons - thumbnail Hill - thumbnail Still - thumbnail Courage - thumbnail Believe - thumbnail Close-up - thumbnail Natural Chaos - thumbnail Forest - thumbnail Journey home - thumbnail Afar 10 - thumbnail Late - thumbnail Dawn - thumbnail

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    Abstract landscapes | 2014 - 2015

Ephemeral and blurry recollections of landscapes drift into impressions and feelings. It’s these senses that I lyrically translate into visual forms of shape and colour. In the painting process I am after deep observation in order to distill and to describe the surrounding world with the least possible amount of visual elements. This decluttering is reflected in the minimal style and my reluctance towards storytelling supported by a meticulous technique and original style. Driven by some philosophical exploration of mechanisms of memory and dreams my technique strongly derives from my printmaking period with the concept of layering and blending colours whilst adding new dimensions. Because inks don’t leave any room for corrections I have to plan ahead next layers, which takes me through the whole process. Like dreams are illogical and scattered, my paintings are also quite surreal in that sense. Without a distinct perspective the elements seem to be shown from different angles and dimensions a bit collage-like. My art is on the verge of being purely abstract, but shows the root of inspiration in nature and therefore has the ability to lead the viewer’s way through it.