Enrico Bernardis

  • Italy (b. 1983 in Udine)
  • Currently in Italy.


  • 2011
  • Materials: glass bottle, spray nozzle, fish (Poecilia Endler), aquatic plant; Dimensions: variable
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    Channel | 2011

Channel is an object composed by a glass bottle, a nozzle spray, water, fishes and water plants, that can be used as perfume for personal use. It brings back the smell and the raw power of nature over a body today to long masked in its more visceral being. Its essence is composed by natural environment in miniature, where its inevitable decay deals with the fascination for the returning back of the signs of fashion: a system that «gets frivolity from death and modernity from déjà- vu» where nothing is generated but everything is re- proposed cyclically digging out from the past. Jean Baudrillard, Symbolic Exchange and Death