Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut

  • Poland (b. 1983 in Czestochowa)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


Meat&geometry #3

Meat&geometry #3

  • 2014
  • Oil, Acrylic on Canvas
  • diptych, 2014
  • 260 x 130 cm

  • 3 130x260cm
  • Dsc 3025
  • Dsc 2830
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    Meat & Geometry | 2014 - 2015

The MEAT&GEOMETRY Cycle constitutes of the result of observation and fascination with the biological processes as well as that, which is carnal, nonaesthetic, and common among all living organisms. The concept is based on the contrast between the organic and the technical. Because what is organic, even if beautiful, is generally perceived as bilious, nonaesthetic, and irritating. Living organisms: plants, animals, and finally the human – live, however they are subject to biological processes like rotting, decay. Following the period of growth or increased development comes the slow process of dying. The cycle comes full circle – nothing is permanent. I’m fascinated by the contrast between those two worlds, which are seemingly disjunctive yet existing so close to each other – biology and physicality against modernity, the city, and the cold spaces of industrial, post-factory halls or dehumanized interiors of office buildings.