Galen Gibson-Cornell

  • United States (b. 1987 in Maryville, missouri)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.
Part 2. Dr. Oláh Lajos

Part 2. Dr. Oláh Lajos

  • 2014

  • This is Part 2 of a pair of installations. Each is made up of 70 photographs documenting altered/vandalized political posters, and features one of two candidates competing for a parliament seat in an election held in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Dr 20olah 20installation
  • D38
  • D157
  • D31
  • Trail - thumbnail Campaign - thumbnail Face(ted) Campaign - thumbnail Lichtenstein - thumbnail Untitled (4x Dr. Oláh Lajos) - thumbnail Untitled (Folded Dr. Oláh Lajos) - thumbnail Untitled (Crumpled Dr. Oláh Lajos) - thumbnail Untitled Part 1. (Scrambled Rónaszékiné Keresztes Monika)  - thumbnail Untitled Part 2. (Scrambled Rónaszékiné Keresztes Monika)  - thumbnail Part 2. Dr. Oláh Lajos - thumbnail Part 1.  Rónaszékiné Keresztes Monika - thumbnail Jon Hopkins - thumbnail Novi Sad - thumbnail

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    New works (Altered Posters) | 2013 - 2016

The works in this series are structural explorations of found street posters. By cutting, rearranging, folding, crumpling, or otherwise altering the physical paper structure of the poster, I can transform these original communicative objects into broader statements about rhythms, patterns, and other overlaying structures that affect our everyday lives in cities