emilio rama

  • Mexico (b. 1976 in Ciudad obregon sonora)
  • Currently in queretaro, , Mexico.
  • emergent artist, i love the pop art, but i want to share my ideas about the emptiness of our generation, the consumerism,and the materialism as the most representative characteristic of the modern society.
honor and mice

honor and mice

  • 2014
  • Oil on Wood
  • 80 x 60 cm
  • Honnor and fish - thumbnail honor and mice mickey - thumbnail honor and mice - thumbnail honor and rabbit - thumbnail honor and sausages - thumbnail

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    honnor and decadency | 2014

this serie its influenced from the contrast between the japanese economic model, based on honor, respect, loyalty, and the occidental modern basically the american way of make business, showing as conductor object, the origami