Shivani Aggarwal

  • India (b. 1975 in New delhi)
  • Currently in New Delhi, India.





  • 2008
  • Acrylic on Canvas, the canvas is stretched on a wooden stretcher 2 inches thick
  • 24 x 24 inches
  • The work is a diptych and each image is the size mentioned

  • The work 'Undoing' deals with contrasting emotions like attachment and release, tying and untying, bondage and freedom.
  • wounded instruments - thumbnail Transient Threads - thumbnail Entangled 2 - thumbnail undoing - thumbnail Uncut - thumbnail Half knit - thumbnail

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    Thread paintings (series of acrylics on canvas) | 2008 - 2013

Images of jumbled, entangled threads on canvas. The ‘thread’ sometimes symbolizes the social fiber and at other times, draws reference to the blood vessels or the umbilical chord. The threads, throbbing with life create intricate, swirling patterns, which are both shocking and compelling. They twist and turn infinitely into a cycle of decay and repair,