Martina Smutná

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Kyjov)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.
Couple / Single

Couple / Single

  • 2020
  • Oil

  • series of paintings

  • Couple
  • Single
  • Couple / Single - thumbnail Preparation / Wedding Cake / Corset - thumbnail

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    My beautiful white day | 2020

The name of the series refers to promotional materials for salons, websites, catering and other services in the field of wedding business. The wedding ceremony and preparation for it has become a great marketing, whose visual language is aimed specifically at brides. It uses the idea of beauty supported by elaborate dresses, hairstyling and makeup; the preparation of bride’s appearance becomes a metaphor for the surrender of virginal purity and is at the same time perfectly evaluable on the “love” market. Wedding aesthetics is simply gender-dependent and co-creates the emotions that we associate with this act.