Natália Šimonová

  • Slovakia (b. 1995 in Žiar nad hronom)
  • Currently in Prašice and Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
VITILIGO III., 200 x 130 cm

VITILIGO III., 200 x 130 cm

  • 2017
  • Oil, Mixed Media, Rust on Canvas
  • MULTIPLIKATION - SELF PORTRAIT, Exhibition Bezpečné, skryté / Bezpečne, skryté in Bunkri Nitra Gallery. - thumbnail VITILIGO – SELF PORTRAIT      - thumbnail VITILIGO IV., 70 x 50 cm - thumbnail VITILIGO III., 200 x 130 cm  - thumbnail VITILIGO I., 180 x 120 cm - thumbnail

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    The VITILIGO Series | 2017 - 2020

Through the VITILIGO series, I reflect my own body affected by vitiligo disease. During two decades, this „skin defect“ expanded to the entire surface of my body, creating patches of white between the naturally brownish coloration of the skin. In my paintings, I reflect my experience with bullying and my own complexes caused by the disease. They work as a visual diary of both the previous and the current development of vitiligo on my body, focusing on the nuances of the skin, which is reminiscent of a map...I reveal with no inhibitions my own naked body, including the intimate parts, which where also affected by disease, but for the most of the time remains hidden.