The Wax-Batik Reading Group @Santai

The Wax-Batik Reading Group @Santai

  • 2019

  • A two days workshop of a traditional Indonesian technique of wax-batik @INI. Understood as a method of slowing down as this technique requires a lot of time and patience. Also I wanted to emphasise the practice of skills sharing.

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    Love Socialization | 2016 - 2020

A series of works dealing with the politics of love and mutuality. Questioning the theme of ego, collective mind and the phenomenon of "life-changing experience" or let's say little revolutions which everybody may experience during the life-time as fell-in-love for a first time, first LSD (bad)trip or existential crisis. Inspired also by the possibilities of different states of mind caused by psychedelics, deep meditations or trans dances which are understood as the ways of stepping out of everyday`s reality ~ as the islands of autonomy and resistance where one may find again the will for thinking the future.