• b. 1992
  • Currently in Prague, Zurich and New York.


’’Greenwich Meridian meets Greenwich Meridian’’

’’Greenwich Meridian meets Greenwich Meridian’’

  • 2018

  • Performance at Enclave Projects, London
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    ’’Black Market Gaia: An Imaginary Art School’’ | 2018 - 2019

The Imaginary Art School stems from opening the problematics of inclusive access to creative higher education to arts-based avenues of pluricultural dialogue. We hypothesize that ‘art-studenthood’ of the 21st century is a mode of creative agency not only untethered from the academy but equipped to engage creative systems from both a socioeconomic and psychospiritual perspective. Our artistic research question asks whether everyone is an art student today. We aim to adumbrate that there is a diversity of personally and collectively relevant ways to understand access to creative education as access to learning about what is felt and shared by all humans. By exploring and using a combination of materials and environments that deconstruct the binary between the real (socioeconomic) and symbolic (psychospiritual) barriers to considering oneself an art student, we intend to create and publicly situate ‘creative learning’ versions of manipulatives