Extrasensory-Aesthetics Research Working-Group

  • b. 1990 in Prague, bratislava
  • Currently in Prague, Bratislava.
  • The research group for extrasensory aesthetics was established in spring 2017. Its members, Jan Kolský, Vojtěch Märc, Matěj Pavlík and Peter Sit, explore the history of Czechoslovak psychotronics and psychoenergetics in its local and international.
Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

  • 2017

  • Robert Pavlita psychic generators, from CIA documetns

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  • Hand-Antennas: Protocols from Extrasensory Aesthetics, exhibition view - thumbnail Redirecting Compass - thumbnail Drawing made by a skeptic - thumbnail Screening / Hand-Antennas: Protocols from Extrasensory Aesthetics - thumbnail Knowledge Transfer  - thumbnail

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    Hand-Antennas: Protocols from Extrasensory Aesthetics | 2017

The exhibition Hand-Antenas: Protocols From Extrasensory Esthetics was the first public presentation of ongoing research into the history of czechoslovak psychotronics with its institutional and ideological context as well as its overlaps to contemporary art and theory. Both the exhibition and the research were focused on the psychotronics in the socialist Czechoslovakia in its relation to the material and intellectual conditions. In the local context the term psychotronics was used since the end of 1960’s when it in general sense signified “a theory of distanced interactions between subjects and between subjects and objects” and referred to phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis and telegnosis. The exhibition took as its goal to mark out the historical context of psychotronics with emphasis to its institutionalization in 1970’s and 80’s as its background upon which we were looking for the possibilities of extrasensory esthetics and understanding without words which could be seen for example in the used exhibition strategy using the psychotronic principles as a guiding rule. link: