Jozef Mrva

  • Czech Republic (b. 1988 in Praha)
  • Currently in Praha, Czech Republic.
  • Artist and curator working in the field of digital media, internet art, drawing and installation. Focusing on merging the fields of topology and philosophical speculation.
Knot Island II.

Knot Island II.

  • 2019
  • Giclée Print on Dibond
  • A series of Giclee prints on dibond boards of various dimensions, bottles of mineral water, video projection

  • I created cut-out digitalal collages of aerial photos of atolls and textures of sea from pacific ocean. I treated atolls as rings, and thus I created knots, artificial atolls and layers of sea shots in various levels of blue.

  • Dsc 3909
  • Dsc 3911
  • Dsc 3917
  • Dsc 3928
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