Extrasensory-Aesthetics Research Working-Group

  • b. 1990 in Prague, bratislava
  • Currently in Prague, Bratislava.
  • The research group for extrasensory aesthetics was established in spring 2017. Its members, Jan Kolský, Vojtěch Märc, Matěj Pavlík and Peter Sit, explore the history of Czechoslovak psychotronics and psychoenergetics in its local and international.
Telepathology and Parapsychogeography

Telepathology and Parapsychogeography

  • 2018

  • Text by Vojtěch Märc

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  • Telepathology and Parapsychogeography - thumbnail Evaluation process - online quiz link: - thumbnail

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    Telepathology and Parapsychogeography - Evaluation Process, part of the Artalk Revue Diagnosis, curated by Hana Janečková | 2018

The telepathic experiments were evaluated by a group of independent evaluators who compared photographs of places of telepathic transmission with records and sketches produced by the receivers. In this case we decided for a short online quiz as the evaluation of the experiment. Readers of the Artalk Revue were thus put into the role of independent “judges” who evaluate the proximity of the places and records of their transmission.