• b. 1992
  • Currently in Prague, Zurich and New York.




  • 2018

  • Exhibited at 'Mice in mine, made my mind like a maze-like mine’, a Group Show Curated by PGS at National Technical Museum, 2019 and at the AAAD, 2018

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    Creative Currency | 2018

...Our artistic-ecosystemic reuse of waste materials is our way of rehabilitating creative currency. The space is nothing more than a crammed server room where the cryptocurrencies in which the students always invest upon acceptance are being mined. This art school is an investment, not a debt-incurring risk: “It’s simply where I go to escape the city or, for that matter, the elements. And that’s the only time I ever really officially meet up with my contemporaries. If there’s a heat wave outside, the air conditioning cooling the servers stays on and cools us down. If the temperature outside is subzero, we turn off the AC and let the servers warm us up! We’ve code-named these impromptu meetings either Ice Ages or Global Warmings...”